Saturday, 27 September 2008

Scanning the web for eBooks with PHONEREADER

PHONEREADER scans the web for ebooks.

PHONEREADER SA (FRANCE) has developed the BOOKIO search software ™ to enable users to scan eBooks news on the web and download it on WIFI connected devices.

The software is available on

This ReadAllOver system is positioned as an eBook file format finder. Thanks to its novelty, PHONEREADER’s software may be coupled with a specific ebooks database and just-in-time delivery to “always-on” client reader devices for the rendering of existing reader pages. BOOKIO is seen as a value-added software component to a dedicated eBook hardware device offered by major book retailers. In fact, this is a full-screen temporal data editor that may be used either connected to an database server, or in disconnected mode with later synchronisation of editing changes to the server. Hypertextual Editor may be used stand-alone, embedded in web applications, or embedded in e-book applications or other reading applications. BOOKIO may be used on PC's, laptops, smartphones and tablet PCs. This phone reader solution also includes out-of-the-box examples of applications for use on PDA devices (via a web browser). The hypertextual Editor is a powerful temporal editing tool. This is written using the Server Java API's and objects, and PHONEREADER SA provides source code to clients to allow them to customize and extend it to their needs !

With the launch of the Sony Reader in the UK ( Waterstone’s online store), success of Amazon Kindle all around the world and arrival of new WIFI Irex reader in Europ, publishers are now about to distribute ebooks on connected devices. To improve both the format and the compatible reading systems, the upcoming months will be crucial when testing such a specific PHONEREADER software as BOOKIO.

Established in 1999, PHONEREADER is a Paris-based mobile company. Actually, this company is a pioneer of hypertextual mobile applications. Engineers develop and operate mobile softwares for network operators, for media companies (newspapers such as Le Monde, Le Figaro …) as wall as for corporate customers (ORANGE, VODAFONE…). The company has been at the forefront of mobile ebook development for publishers. It is now a leader in mobile and wireless realm that provides technological reading services that speeds up the delivery of next generation of ebook apps to consumers and professional alike.

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