Wednesday, 26 August 2009

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ARCHAMBAULT Launches First French-language ebook Site in North America

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Aug. 26, 2009) - Archambault today launched, its new French-language ebook site, the first engine of its kind in North America. Archambault announced its new digital strategy at a joint press conference with Sony Canada, which unveiled its new Pocket EditionTM and Touch EditionTM digital reader models.Archambault is pleased to join forces with digital pioneer Sony for the introduction of the site and the new Sony Digital Book models.

The download engine, combined with the new Sony Readers, will give Archambault's customers a new way to enjoy books. Puneet Jain, Director of Marketing, Sony Canada, said: "Sony is happy to partner with Archambault for the Quebec launch of the new Reader models. Working with Archambault, an established and respected retailer, we are making digital reading and ebooks more readily available to Canadians." That goal is a common cause for Archambault and, a unique service"Archambault has always been focused on meeting its customers' needs," said Denis Pascal, Senior Vice President, Retail Group, with Archambault Group. ", the first French-language ebook downloads site in North America, opens the door to digital reading for Quebecers." With more than 20,000 titles currently available for download, the new service will offer Francophones a broad selection of books of all kinds: novels, Quebec literature, general literature, travel books, cookbooks. also provides an excellent opportunity for Quebec publishers to position themselves in the digital landscape and offer their audiences a new reading experience at an advantageous price.Users of the download engine and the Sony Readers will be able to take hundreds of French-language books with them wherever they go, without having to worry about their bulk or weight. The new technology promises to boost business for publishing houses, to make the works of Quebec authors more accessible, and to increase the amount of time Quebecers spend reading. Imagine being able to consult your entire library anytime, anywhere. Archambault is determined to be the first to offer Quebecers this world of new possibilities. Archambault's two literary spokespersons, Christine Michaud and Caroline Allard, agreed to be ambassadors for the new way of experiencing literature by downloading files to their Sony Readers at the press conference. During the next month, they will share their impressions of digital reading on Archambault's blog.In the digital age, Archambault is taking literature to new places in order to serve consumers who are excited about both reading and hi-tech.

And since Archambault cares about all of its customers, it is taking advantage of the service launch to support new learners as well. For every digital book sold in the next year, Archambault will donate a physical book to the Literacy Foundation, which will distribute the volumes to organizations involved in basic education. "We are very grateful to Archambault for this initiative, which will help promote literacy education," said Maryse Perreault, CEO of the Foundation.Archambault, the culture of entertainmentArchambault, a Quebecor Media company, is a leading provider of cultural entertainment products. Archambault is the largest retailer of CDs in Quebec and a major retailer of books, DVDs, newspapers, magazines, musical instruments, sheet music and gift ideas. For 10 years, Archambault's e-commerce site has been the largest French-language online store in North America. Archambault's site is a meeting place for people interested in all things cultural.Archambault operates 15 stores across Quebec. For more information on Archambault Group,


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