Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Problems of content

We are entering an age of scarcity for news resources.

What we need urgently now is for the Times to focus on the economic crisis and the Post to focus on government policy. Each can excel in their given area of expertise, and link to the other to round out what they offer their users.

On a national, and eventually international level, this is how we can save the best of our media companies from going extinct. But do I think anyone in a position to implement this strategic shift will do so? Of course not. Pure hubris prevails at the tops of all old media companies, as well as at plenty of new media companies.

Nevertheless, media orgs following the broad outlines of the strategy outlined above, while simultaneously embracing “hyper-local” development of the news within their area of influence could find a future where now, there is only hazy uncertainity and gloom. It’s not a bad time to be in journalist, but it is a bad time to be a journalist without a vision.
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