Saturday, 25 October 2008

Sucess story

Ebooks are a true success story in the US and now Europe and Sony belongs to a group of the first big companies that kicked off the race for electronic reading.

Now, the company introduces the ebook Sony PRS-700, a new model to join the PRS-505. The digital book is slightly bigger in size and weighs in at just 235g. To give the feeling of a real book it comes wrapped into a protective soft cover. The most remarkable feature is its 6 inch touch screen display, which allows to flip pages with a gentle move of the finger.

Features of the Sony PRS-700 ebook. The 6 inch screen provides a quite comfortable size to read through digital books, documents and notes. It has a virtual keyboard to add personal notes, which can be highlighted too using a stylus pen. Sometimes there’s need to glance a document at once, another time the text is to small and has to be enlarged; the PRS-700 therefore offers 5 text-sizes by default to find the most comfortable one.

While former ebooks didn’t provide any background lights, the Sony Reader is the first one to have a LED reading light built-in. It has been a much requested feature to use the digital reader on the go or in darker surroundings too. On the other side, bright sunlight is not the problem for the PRS-700 thanks to a high resolution and high contrast paper display technology. According to Sony, the user will be able to read a crisp text and sharp graphics.

The reader comes with a for Sony typical Memory Stick Duo. With that expandable storage almost 350 average sized ebooks can be stored on the PRS-700. As its relative the 700 model is able to flip about 7,500 pages in one go. There’s is also support of music files or documents such as PDF, Microsoft Word, BBeB or EPUB.

The new Sony PRS-700 ebook will be available in the US from November at a price of $400 (£210). Included in the delivery is an USB cable, e-Book Library PC companion software and a protective soft cover. More information about digital reading at Sony’s eBook store.

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