Sunday, 16 November 2008

Books under minute

People absolutely love the ability to think of a book and get it in under minute.

That is the key feature that really causes people to think about Kindle as a new way to read. Whether I’m at a friend’s house and they mention an interesting book, or I run out of things to read when I’m waiting to get on an airplane, I can literally think of something and get it in under 60 seconds. That seems to be the common theme that we hear from customers all the time.

Now with Kindle, we’ve had really great response from the periodicals. We didn’t know how that would work. No one has ever really delivered a newspaper instantly to your night stand. Particularly since you can deliver everything from the New York Times, which you can actually get delivered to your house, to Shanghai Daily, which is an English language paper published in China. It was never available before ... That part of getting the newspaper, any newspaper, every morning has been a pleasant surprise.

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