Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Flip style Ebooks

With the click of a button, new PDF converter POKATreader from iOMM, Ltd creates 'flip style' ebooks for convenient, neat document management.

Users are able to simply drag and drop PDF files into POKATreader software and instantly view documents as an ebook on the screen.
The days of contracting professional to produce fancy interactive publications are over. Until now, the process of creating great looking interactive brochures, catalogues, newsletters, and other publications, vital to the corporate image, took long hours and often ended up with a high price tag.

A valuable feature of the easy-to-use PDF converter software is the Auto Library, which allows users to effortlessly access and backup PDF files from one location. Any PDF opened in POKATreader is automatically added to the POKATreader library. From then on, irrespective of where the document may reside on the computer, users can browse documents within POKATreader. The free software also offers in-page, one-click zoom, different visual customizing details, various printing options, and much more.
A perfect presentation tool, POKATreader contains a Goto (specific) page feature, as well as the ability to tailor background and skin colors. Users can also print specific pages, a range of pages, or an entire document.

Because of the unique 'flip style' reading design, ebooks are ideal for newsletters, books, reports, magazines, catalogues, product guides, business plans, annual reports, periodicals, journals, legal works, and more.

POKATreader 1.3 is free for download at

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