Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Publishers to accommodate small screens

Falbe Publishing of Chico, California launched its new mobile-optimized website specifically for internet browsers using mobile devices such as Pocket PCs and smart phones like the iPhone or Blackberry.

The strong internet browsing capabilities of new generation mobile devices have increased demand for online mobile content, and the free ebooks normally available from Falbe Publishing’s main websites can now be easily obtained by mobile device users at

To create a positive and useful experience for mobile internet browsers, the new mobile website presents a very brief and simple version of the publisher’s offerings in order to accommodate small screens. Only brief messages and directions on how to access content are on the mobile website so users do not have to be bogged down with unnecessarily lengthy pages that require a lot of scrolling. The free ebook choices available to mobile users mirror those available at the publisher’s other websites. First, fantasy readers can access the original novel Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I that enjoys a worldwide readership.

The second free ebook is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, which serves to introduce readers to the growing list of classics being produced by Falbe Publishing. Both of these novels can be downloaded in the visitor’s choice of six DRM-free ebook formats. The third free publication is a short how to play craps guide based on the publisher’s best-selling title Get Dicey: Play Craps and Have Fun. This guide is directly viewable at the new mobile website without having to download a file. Producing the mobile website was deemed important by the publisher because of the increasing amount of web traffic occurring via mobile devices.

As an ebook publisher, Falbe Publishing was particularly motivated by evidence that iPhone users are interested in reading ebooks on their phones. The ebook reading application for the iPhone, known as Stanza, was downloaded over 395,000 times from the iPhone App store in only a three-month period. And, according to the August 2008 Mobile Metrics Report from the advertising company AdMob, users of smart phones accounted for 23 percent of U.S. internet traffic in August – a rise of 3.5 percent since May. The publisher hopes that reaching out to the mobile users will provide a convenient avenue for them to access free ebooks. The promotional titles from Falbe Publishing typically introduce readers to the full book and ebook catalog available at the main website the portal to all the company’s products and online publications.

Falbe Publishing is the publisher of the fantasy fiction imprint Brave Luck Books (TM) of Chico, California. Falbe Publishing produces fiction and non fiction trade paperbacks, ebooks, and numerous web publications.

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