Sunday, 23 November 2008

KindleFeeder for Kindle Ebooks Reader

Now here is a new product for the Kindle.

This new product is blog's feeds, which Amazon is now selling for 99 cents per month.

People was never asked to participate in the program, so they are assuming it's the result of a blogging syndication deal they signed a couple of years ago. Thanks to the world of syndication you never know where your content might appear, and you really don't have much say in the matter. This is not for complaining, and they certainly don't anticipate many (any?!) subscriptions to materialize via this service; even if they do, I'm getting a slice of a slice of a pretty tiny (99-cent) slice, so it's not changing our world.

The bigger question is "why?". Why is Amazon bothering with adding these blog feeds? The rankings they are seeing for most of them is pretty low. More importantly, we have found that once Kindle owners discover free blog feed services like Kindlefeeder, they feel the paid feeds are a ripoff.
It would be better off redirecting their efforts to increase the number of available paid blog feeds. For example, they still only have 18 magazines for sale on the Kindle and loads of technology and business titles are noticeably absent from the list. Every minute spent adding another blog to the service is time that should have been spent building up the magazine base, IMHO...

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